multiple workstations behind a router

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multiple workstations behind a router

Postby mfran2002 » 2018-08-09 09:01

Hi all,
I have a router with a dynamic IP.
I have assigned it a dynamic dns ( to be able to reach always it.
Behind that router my LAN and my workstations.

I want to use DSM plugin, so:
1. loaded DMS plugin on both viewer and remote workstations
2. generate pair of keys (.pubkey and .pkey) and also copied .pkey file on the viewer workstation (renaming the file into FIRSTWS.pkey)
3. added a port forwarding rule on the router (from external to port 5901: forward to IP of my remote workstation X)

everything worked trying the first workstation (X): launch the viewer specifying DSM plugin, connecting to


for the second workstation I did the same steps, the only difference is the name of the .pkey file (SECONDWS.pkey) and the port forwarding rule (port 5902 and the IP) on the router

when I try to connect to, it asks me the passphrase (good!) but then it refuses me with:

response failed client authentication

Where am I doing wrong? :cry:
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Re: multiple workstations behind a router

Postby matgrebe » 2018-08-10 06:41

I don't believe you can use it that way...
I think, first you have to establish a vpn-connection to your router. Then you can use UVNC like from your network.
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