"Negotiate protocol version" when I use UltraVNCViewer

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"Negotiate protocol version" when I use UltraVNCVi

Postby Danila63 » 2009-03-03 17:46

I use UltravncViewer ( installed on a Windows 2003 machine, with DSMPlugin AESV2Plugin.dsm. Sometimes, when I execute the UVNCviewer for contacting a Client (VNC Server 1.0.5), the status of VNC Viewer remains "Negotiate Protocol Version" until I cancel the process. The same process, instead, is ok towards other VNC Servers (with the same VNCServer version). Can someone help me to resolve the problem? I suspect the problem is in using the encryption plugin, but I have to use it for security reason. Thank for any reply.

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Re: "Negotiate protocol version" when I use UltraV

Postby redge » 2009-03-03 21:52

connection made over wireless or wired network ?

over Internet
if your ISP use Ethernet over CATV connexion
if your ISP use IPoE (IP over Ethernet)
you should fix MTU=1500
if your ISP use PPPoA over DSL connexion
you should fix MTU=1492

if your ISP use PPPoE over DSL connexion
you should fix MTU=1500

anyway, don't use automatic MTU
this known issue and verified with some netgear, linksys,

over wireles, without dmsplugin, vncviewer have difficult
over wireles, with dmsplugin, vncviewer have more difficult
I have always answer is low cost wireless issue.
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