DSM Plugin Crazy Bug? Please Help Guys!!

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DSM Plugin Crazy Bug? Please Help Guys!!

Postby henriquedamn » 2009-04-11 19:05

Recently i made a home network, yeah i've configured it and it works very well, but not with UltraVNC, i choose it to be my VNC Client, and i opened a server in the server-pc, and, every time i try to connect there from this pc, it show me a error, if i don't put the port in the IP, it says " Failed to connect " If i put the port it says " DSM Plugin disabled, server may using " If i enable the DSM Plugin, put the port and press conect, it asks for the password, so i put them and it says again "DSM Plugin disabled, server may using" I don't know more what to do, i have disconnected and connected the cable of monitor like 100 Times... and nothing happens, even the same error... If someone has the same problem which me, please help... was a lot of work to put this shit pc to work, if this don't work, i don't know what im going to do...

EDIT: The server is using Windows XP and me Vista 64... here go a screen, maybe it help im something :/

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Re: DSM Plugin Crazy Bug? Please Help Guys!!

Postby nobody » 2009-04-12 04:34

possible mismatched dsm on the server and the client or mismatched keys ..

just make sure that the keys and the plugins match on both the client and the server side

also to test : remove the dsm plugins and test the connection once- if it works without the dsm plugins - you have found your cause of this error.

please report back if this works
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