Connection failed - End of stream

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Connection failed - End of stream

Postby Symon » 2011-04-01 12:39

sto cercando di realizzare un tunnel con ssh, ho 3 computer.
1)pc_ubuntu_desktop con vnc server
2)pc_ubuntu_server con ssh server
3)pc_windows con putty e vncviewer instllati
Voglio creare un tunnel da pc_windows a pc_ubuntu_desktop passando per pc_ubuntu_server tramite ssh.

eseguo da pc_windows il seguente comando:
putty -L 5900:pc_ubuntu_desktop:5900 user@pc_ubuntu_server
password: inserisco la password
connessione effettuata

successivamente sempre da pc_windows eseguo:

esce fuori una schermata che dice:

Dopo aver effettuato il tunnel io posso pingare pc_ubuntu_desktop e pc_ubuntu_server.

Come posso risolvere questo problema?

Grazie per l'attenzione

Saluti Symon

I'm trying to make a tunnel with ssh, I have 3 computers.
1) pc_ubuntu_desktop with vnc server
2) pc_ubuntu_server with ssh server
3) pc_windows with putty and vncviewer instllati
I want to create a tunnel from a pc_windows pc_ubuntu_desktop pc_ubuntu_server via ssh.

pc_windows to run the following command:
putty -L 5900:pc_ubuntu_desktop:5900 user@pc_ubuntu_server
Password: Enter password
connection made

then pc_windows always do:
> Vncviewer

A screen comes up that says:
Connection failed - End of stream

Possible causes:
-Another user is already listening on this ID
-Bad connection
After making the tunnel and I can ping pc_ubuntu_desktop pc_ubuntu_server.

How can I fix this?

Thank you for your attention

Greetings Symon
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Re: Connection failed - End of stream

Postby Jules Fettu » 2012-12-28 16:03

I've searched the forum extensively but have not found what this error specifically means.

"Possible causes:
-Another user is already listening on this ID
-Bad Connection”

Any ideas?
Jules Fettu
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