Can 64-bit be used with a 32-bit?

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Can 64-bit be used with a 32-bit?

Postby joedit » 2011-09-29 22:20

Hi - On PC#1 I have 64-bit UVCN and on PC#2 I have the 32-bit VCN.
I installed SecureVCNplugin (32-bit) on both machines.

So I have on PC#1 64-bit)

and on PC#2 (32-bit)

I copied these files to both PC's and ran uvnc_settings pointing Encryption to use 'SecureVNCPlugin.dsm'.
but I get an authentication error when I try to go from PC1 to PC2.

When I shut off 'SecureVNCPlugin.dsm' on PC2 it works.
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Re: Can 64-bit be used with a 32-bit?

Postby cwh060 » 2011-09-30 10:04

Here is a post I wrote earlier on this subject. ... d43d74c593

I use this exact set up and it works for me, the Viewer pkey for server access must be within the uVNC folder. Make sure to copy them in this folder. The other thing is start with the passphrase and then remove later if you wish.

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