Enabled SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm and got PASSWORD Q:

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Enabled SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm and got PASSWORD Q:

Postby tMH » 2019-11-26 12:23

Hello everyone !
I am currently in process of helping disabled man to upgrade his computer remotely.
He's behind the NAT, and I decided to use UVNC (thanks for this soft!) to use it as reverse connection client.
A bit later I decided to use encryption protocol - this SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm plugin -- ok, DSM plugin (SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm) is enabled on both ends, but when remote user is trying to connect to me (to make reverse connection) - I get popup with ENTER THE PASSWORD (something like that).
I entered VNC password from the remote user side, I entered passphrase from remote side DSM plugin configuration - no success.

Please tell, what is the password should I enter on remote user connection to establish reverse connection ?

Thanks in advance !
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Re: Enabled SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm and got PASSWORD Q:

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2019-11-26 20:12

When you install the plugin and don't set a long password ( phrase) the vnc password used.
When you enter a phrase this is used.
When you generate a key, the key is used --> this require that the key is copied to the viewer PC.

The plugin is many options and it depend on how it's configured.
All is set in the ultravnc.ini file and this file is portable.

Test on your own PC ( server + viewer ) the plugin with his options and when that works you can overwrite
the ultravnc.ini on the other PC. Passwd and phrase are in the ultravnc.ini file.
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