VNC Authentication Failded

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VNC Authentication Failded

Postby spobeda » 2007-05-28 20:59


I have a problen when i try to use Ms Logon II.
I have a forest in Windows 2000 and my user account is in child Domain.
In Configure MS Logon Group, i put my user account with full control and when i try to access the other PC it appears the error "VNC Authentication Failded".

if I verify log file:
Mon May 28 14:57:03 2007 - CUPSD2: Access is 0, user mydomain\myuser is not authenticated, access granted is 0x0

I probe with myuser@mydomain, myuser, mydomain\myuser.

Any idea ?
Thks !
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Re: VNC Authentication Failded

Postby redge » 2007-05-30 22:37

you need to set VNC password (8 digits max) even is not used and should never match of any windows user password
32 digit of windows user password allowed. ... l#mslogon2
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