1.0.4RC6 Vista Home Premium: MS Logon and New don't work

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1.0.4RC6 Vista Home Premium: MS Logon and New don't work

Postby vatbier » 2007-12-23 20:25

I installed Ultravnc 1.0.4RC6 on Windows Vista Home Premium and installed the winvnc service.
From another computer with Windows XP I can connect with ultravnc viewer to the Vista computer using only a vnc password.
I tried New MS Logon but on Configure MS Logon Groups: UltraVNC Security Editor I can't add the user (which is also an administrator), I get this error in Spanish:
No se puede guardar cambios a permisos en UltraVNC Server. Error no especificado.
My sister lives in Spain and therefore she uses a Spanish notebook.
Is it maybe because Vista Home Premium can't work with New MS Logon like XP Home? Or does it have something to do with te fact that Vista Home doesn't allow the use of snap-in "Local Users and Groups"?
The old MS Logon also does not work: in the window "MS logon setup" I added "WORKGROUP" as the first group. But ultravnc viewer can't connect.
Also on http://www.uvnc.com/install/configuration.html it says MS-Logon I requires computer and user to be in the same domain. But i want to do remote desktop over the Internet.

Is anyone else able to use MS-Logon I or II in Ultravnc with Vista Home Premium?
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Re: 1.0.4RC6 Vista Home Premium: MS Logon and New don't work

Postby redge » 2007-12-24 21:45

vista basic and home premium same story of xp home, limited network feature.

don't forget for XP, under vista, i don't know.
Under Windows XP, the ForceGuest registry value is set to 1 by default in the following registry key:

On a Windows XP computer you must check:
If the Guest account is enabled, an SSPI logon will succeed as Guest for any user credentials.
If ForceGuest is disabled (set to 0), SSPI will log on as the specified user.
If the authtest util gives guest account blocked, an open guest account is detected and ms logon denies all access.

http://www.uvnc.com/features/authentica ... l#mslogon1
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