Problems with Disconnect from client

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Problems with Disconnect from client

Postby fire.spray » 2008-02-11 10:44


We have recently a strange problem with the VNC server / viewer!

After a disconnect from the client, you are not able to do any mouse or keyboard inputs on the clients.

If I reconnect with the VNCViewer, I'am able to make inputs by mouse and keyboard.

Until now only a restart fixes the problem.

Someone an idea where the problem is?
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Re: Problems with Disconnect from client

Postby redge » 2008-02-11 17:20

details ?
latest is not an answer
UltraVnc build 102 as example
UltraVnc build 104 rc12 as example
ultravnc is it identical at both side or not ?

OS at both side.

authentication: mslogon I or II or VNC ?
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