Strange behaviour of the server during the connexion

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Strange behaviour of the server during the connexion

Postby Titus Oates » 2008-02-18 12:16


I've a strange behaviour of the serveur computer, seen from UltraVNC:

Each time I've to connect to, the server service UltraVNC hangs and a error issue repport is done by Windows. I use a client running Win XP pro and a server computer running, in this case, Win2000pro.

All the documentation given in the web site has been used to type in the server parameters: login II, prompt on the server to accept or not and so on.

The ultraVNC Windows service hangs a stop running.

this is the first problem I met.

Does anyone can tell me more to solve it?

Second problem.

I make several tests before deploy this solution of servers to get remote maintenance operations.

Now I met the first problem I speak above.

The second problem is to take operation over a server configurated computer without getting the accept screen. Of course, the server parameters are so that we must have this screen and to refuse by default after 30 sec.
During the connexion operation, the client has only the possibility to sign in and to get into the server computer. The user on which I have to connect to is not asked to accept or refuse.

Why and how to correct this issue?

Last information for those problems: I use a crypt option. Here this is AES module found on the site.

Thanks for your help


PS: where could I find the repport generated by Windows when the service hangs?
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