config for Domain users

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config for Domain users

Postby simonwiles » 2008-04-05 15:04

I have a number of xp pro boxes that i wish to run uvnc server,

These are all new pc,s on there first setup I install all apps as a local user then join the machine to the server03 active directory domain. Then remove the local USER account leaveing just local and domain adminstrator as the only account on the machine.

If I log in to either of these account i can access the config screen and run the server useing a default password.

However if I log in as any one of my domain user accounts (50+ at the momment) The server will not run it just displays an error stateing the no password is configured and this account is not able to do so.

How can I config uvnc to use the same password for all users.

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