MSLOGON problem. Un/groups are not shared properly from DC

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MSLOGON problem. Un/groups are not shared properly from DC

Postby Tranthom » 2008-12-19 02:23

hi there. I'm new with UVNC and all my readings here couldn't help me out with this little problem.

I have this particular machine running XP media center SP3 and joined to the domain running Uvnc 1.0.5 . MS firewall is off and no other FW is installed.

1st - in the Un/groups windows, they are not "refreshed" correctly.

but if I let this windows open, it will finaly, after few seconds, detect it correctly.

But if I close the windows, it's goes back to the "unrefreshed" status.

2nd - I keep unchecking the option on the USER windows to prevent other software to interact properly since I think it may be related to my problem but it keeps comming back checked.

tried to uninstall /reboot/reinstall but it's no use, still same issue.
anyone having a hint on how to solve this problem.
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