possible bug in with MSLogonII + Query on Incoming

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possible bug in with MSLogonII + Query on Incoming

Postby BNI » 2009-08-14 09:38

hi all,
im doin some experiments before installing in our production environment the new version and it seems that i've found a possible bug:
it seems that when "query on incoming" feature is enabled the mslogon plugin (at least mslogonII with ACL) is not working correctly.

Let me explain: i've configured mslogonII to allow domain admins to remote access the client as usual;

if "query on incoming" is disabled, i can successfully login with my domain credentials.
In mslogon.log: i see this line
"14/08/2009 09:55:29 Connection received from using xxxx.yyyy account "
and i have access to the system as expected.

If i enable "query on incoming" ("display query window" enabled, default reject after 20secs, "query if no login" disabled, authhosts field empty. this are the relevant ultravnc.ini options:
when i try to connect this happens:
1) the accept/deny window is correctly shown on the client
2) i click on the client "allow"
3) authentication mask appears on the viewer
4) i fill in my domain credentials but
5) i got an authentication failed
The interesting thing is that in the logfile i see a line like this:
"14/08/2009 09:35:28 Invalid attempt (not authenticated) from client using FPœÇP±kŒàåù€@F9)XÂ!EOºÞ account"

everytime i try to login the written line is filled with garbage instead of the username that tried to login (if i disable "query window" and try with a user that is not member of domain admins the line written in mslogon.log contains the correct username even for failures)

Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?
This problem seems not to be present in v1.0.5.6

thank you in advance!
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Re: possible bug in with MSLogonII + Query on Incomi

Postby BNI » 2009-08-19 15:24

anyone could reproduce the problem?

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