Configuration file (acl)

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Configuration file (acl)

Postby Tim » 2005-04-13 07:15

Hi all!

I know that it is bossible to configure domain groups and accounts with their privileges in an acl-file. Importing the acl-file on another pc with MSLogonACL will work great. When I try to remote control a pc after the import of the acl-file, it asks me just for a password and not a username!
When checking the settings in the client (RC20.5 on W2k and XP) I still have to check the boxes: Require MS logon and New MS logon! And when checking the MS logon Groups I do see the imported acl-file.
Is it possible to check these boxes automatically?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my terrible English! ;-))

Postby Marscha » 2005-04-14 06:32

Yes, create the following reg keys:
Both are REG_DWORDs and and can be set to 1 (activated) or 0 (not activated).

You can export this from the machine which is manually configured and import it to all other machines.

Maybe you want to export the whole HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORL\ tree.
Then you have all settings from the Admin Properties dialog.
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