windows 2003

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windows 2003

Postby babakhaan » 2005-09-26 18:39

i have a remote desktop .. was trying to setup vnc on that using the mslogin2

i can see the screen if i am logged in from the remote desktop

if i am not logged in from there i see a black screen

can vnc login using the remotedesktop login n work or do we need to login thru remote n use vnc

Postby bevtech » 2005-09-27 03:17

Not sure exactly what you are asking. I had the best luck using vnc passwords and bypassing mslogon2. I simply sent and ctrl+alt+F4 for the Ctrl+Alt+Del in the VNC window. and logon there with my userid and password

I also use the encryption on all of my vnc connection

with the non-registry or registry option you can create your own 128bit key.
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Postby Marscha » 2005-09-27 06:15

I'm not quite sure if I understand the problem, but it sounds like something related to terminal service sessions.
Microsoft's remote desktop also uses this protocol (RDP).
VNC uses a different protocol called RFB.
Each terminal service session opens a new (virtual) desktop, while VNC does not create a new desktop.
If you vnc to a machine with active remote desktop and connect to the wrong (virtual) desktop you will see a black screen.

This is not related to mslogon.
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