Cannot log into vncserver after vncserver machine reboots

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Cannot log into vncserver after vncserver machine reboots

Postby 2manyhats » 2005-09-27 21:01

For example I'm using ver 1.0.1 and I had this problem with previous RC versions. When the server machine comes back up it appears that vncserver is loaded and accepting requests but I get the negotiate potocol error. If I restart the service after the machine comes up then everything is good and I can log in. This problem only happens when MSLOGON I & II are enabled as well as the encryption plugin.

Do I possibly have some old real or tight vnc files from a previous vnc flavor conflicting somehow? I know its a stretch but all my xp/2000 machines fall victim to this. A flakey workaround that I have been using is a batch file run as a scheduled task to restart the service at logon. This gives mixed results. Does anyone have a reg cleaner to erradicate all reg entries, or better yet a super uninstaller that can wipe all vnc flavors from the machine? I know another stretch.


Postby redge » 2005-09-28 19:58

How to uninstall UltraVNC 1.0.1 COMPLETELY?

and for cleaning and install new pre-configured vnc server remotely to any computer
see VNC-Related product
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Postby 2manyhats » 2005-09-28 21:09

Thanks. I will try this. Out of curiosity is it possible for UVNC to leave existing versions of files from previous flavors on the system without overwriting them (dll's and such). If so maybe I could delete them too.

Thanks again Redge.


Postby 2manyhats » 2005-09-28 21:58

For some reason this didnt work for me. It seems I can merge actual data in via the reg file but can't merge blank data. Any ideas?

Postby 2manyhats » 2005-09-28 22:12

Never mind. Twas a permissions issue.

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