through authorization with MS Domain Login

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through authorization with MS Domain Login

Postby halpro » 2005-10-07 11:47

Hello everybody!
M$ introduced domain authorization long time ago. Why UltraVNC still requires DOMAINNAME\USERNAME + PASSWORD to be specified in logon window if I am already in the domain? It is very weared to do it for 100+ computers!!! :|
Can you improve it?

Postby Claymon » 2005-10-07 14:19

I'm not a developer, though I write a lot of admin scripts, but I'd think if the domain was not specified then the domain of the current user could be attempted.

I don't know what the API would be, but in here is one way to do it in VBscript. (Yes, it is in bad form :oops: )

wscript.echo WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network").UserDomain

Instead of automatically trying with the domain, maybe the domain and backslash could be pre-loaded into the user field? It may make it easier for newbies.

Just a thought. :)
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