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Postby asus61 » 2005-10-17 08:57

i have installed a new version v1.0.1 and i have necessity to usa mslogon I , but when i to connect with viewer i have the error "your select mslogon but the auth.dll was not found.check your installation"

i have used the "UltraVNC-101-Setup.exe" dowloaded from mirror

i search to file auth.dll but i don't find it

why ?

Postby Marscha » 2005-10-18 06:05

sounds like your winvnc.exe is an old version since it requests auth.dll, the "old" authentication dll.
With newer UltraVNC version, authentication is split into several dlls.
They are named authSSP.dll, ldapauth.dll, authadmin.dll etc.
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