[Ms Logon II] Domain users cannot logon

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[Ms Logon II] Domain users cannot logon

Postby alex_82 » 2005-11-07 09:38


I have a windows 2003 based domain with some 2k clients. I've a doubt in MsLogon II, this is the configuration I've used:
- There is a domain global group 'UltraVnc Admins'.
- UltraVnc servers are configured to able access from users in 'UltraVnc Admins'.

Well, only administrator users (local or domain) can logon, while other users cannot. Why?
It would be useful if any users, also domain users, was able to logo into Vnc server , if inserted in 'UltraVnc Admins' global group. Is it possible?



Postby Marscha » 2005-11-08 06:42

MS-Logon II is designed to allow all configured users access.
To verify the authentication attempt MS-Logon II does a Windows network logon.

Are there any group policies that restrict normal users from a network logon?
This is the same logon type that is used for mapping drive shares.
Please test if normal users are able to map a share on this computer.
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Great !!!!!!

Postby alex_82 » 2005-11-08 07:41

Marscha wrote:Please test if normal users are able to map a share on this computer.

Great Marsha, you're right! Test user could not logon directly to this computer, now I've allowed him to logon and all works fine!

Thanks for your support, best

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