Install UltraVNC 1.0.2 and xp will never again reboot

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Install UltraVNC 1.0.2 and xp will never again reboot

Postby robi » 2006-11-17 15:25


It took me some time, but after a few reinstallations of winXP and other application software on other disks and computers I tracked it down.

Install UltraVNC 1.0.2 on a winxp pc with a specific set of software installed and next reboot will fail and let you with an unbootable system.

my environment:
- winXP professional (up to date)
- Pinnacle Studio 10.5
- a lot of other software..

How to repeat:
1) restore the sistem from an image
2) install ultraVNC 1.0.2
3) reboot

The installation of UltraVNC goes smooth and ends ok, but upon next reboot the sistem will not come up again.

I suspect there's some conflict with the pinnacle Studio 10.5 software/hardware.. I should try to restore an image without that and see if the problem is still there..

I hit the same problem with another pc, but with same software and pinnacle hardware/software.

At present, it's important to me to be able to boot the original disk that is still unbootable in any ways, not even in save mode. If somebody could tell me what files/drivers I should delete from the disk (those that could cause the crash during boot) I'd be grateful.

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Re: Install UltraVNC 1.0.2 and xp will never again reboot

Postby redge » 2006-11-17 22:41

do not install winvnc video hook driver of UltraVNC setup
uninstall winvnc video hook driver if already installed.
remove any vnc*.sys from folder %windir%\system32
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