Problems in MS Logon II

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Problems in MS Logon II

Postby ashokchandu » 2006-12-07 11:42


I am new to Ultra VNC Viewer. From past 3 days only I am doing R & D on Ultra VNC for my project purpose.

How many user sessions be created in an Ultra VNC? We are creating multiple usernames means creating multiple sessions?

Currently my requirement is, there should be an Admin who should monitor How many users logged in through Ultra VNC to a remote system.
The Admin and users are at remote location. Because of security issues we restriced to single user. Right now only one user can access the remote machine at a time. We choosed "Refuse all new connections" option in Admin properties. Because of that if any one user is logged in, the admin not able to connect to the remote machine as we restriced to single user at a time.
What is the solution for this problem. Can any one suggest me?

For a trail I tried the below process after reading some doc.
I added users in MS Logon II window. Given full rights.
Now If the user is trying to access the system, it is saying connection failed. I am giving the user id as windows userid/domain and then the password is as declared in the VNC Password in Authentication.

Then also it's saying connection failed.

Could anybody guide me in this regard.

Thanks in advance,

Chandra Sekhar.
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Re: Problems in MS Logon II

Postby Marscha » 2007-02-05 14:27

with UltraVNC you have just 1 sessions.
Even if you allow several simultaneous connections they all share the same session (seeing the same desktop).
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