User login (strange) problem

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User login (strange) problem

Postby robertcole » 2007-01-12 16:49

I have UltraVNC 1.0.2 set up on about 24 workstations at my office, and I am using MS-Logon II to log in using domain credentials with a Win2k3 DC. I have 2 groups set up "VNC Admins" and "HR VNC Admins", for simplicity (add a user into a group on the DC rather than 24 workstations if we need to change authority). In the "VNC Admins" group there are 2 users, rcole and tina, and the "HR VNC Admins" group has a single use, shawn.

Problem is, on ONE workstation, and only 1 workstation, shawn cannot log in using just "shawn", she has to use "DOMAIN\shawn". The other workstations take just "shawn". However (and this is what makes it odd), she appears to be the only user that has that problem. My account as well as tina's account can log in on that workstation without specifying the domain, and test accounts set up in both the root OU as well as the same OU as "shawn"'s account can also login without specifying the domain.

Any idea why this user/workstation are having this issue? The mslogon log file just shows "not authenticated" for shawn.
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Re: User login (strange) problem

Postby bevtech » 2007-01-12 21:38

Two ideas:

Does Shawn have logon rights to the pc that is giving you the issue??

Does that workstation have the same version of UVNC as the rest of them??

If so, I would completely uninstall uvnc reboot and run the installation again making sure that the configuration is the exact as the other workstations.

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Re: User login (strange) problem

Postby Marscha » 2007-02-05 14:33

my guess is that there is a local account "shawn" on this computer.
If you do not specify a domain, Windows starts looking for
- a local account on the machine,
- then for an account in the domain the computer is joined to,
- then perhaps for an account in other domains in the AD
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