ultravnc sc encryption problem

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ultravnc sc encryption problem

Postby xdgamex » 2011-11-03 17:11

Hello ive been killing myself trying to get this encryption to work ive followed all the little guides i could find on these forums and none seem to help. Ive tried so many different things i just cant get an encrypted connection going files rc4.keys are placed in the right MSRC4Plugin.dsm are in the right spots ive tried everthing. Different commands running the viewer im out of ideas so if someone can help me id appreciate it im running win 7 64 bit ultra vnc is 32 bit so are the plugins. thanks for the help
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Re: ultravnc sc encryption problem

Postby B » 2011-11-03 17:19

I'm not great with the encryption plugins either, but what I would suggest is you try ChunkVNC and watch how it does it. Personally I never had much luck with SC.
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