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How sc works

Postby zonkzen » 2011-12-11 11:33

I'm trying to change the way SC looks and I cannot find the source code for compiling SC myself - the only thing I found is that: which states to be the latest SC updated version. However there's no information how to compile it etc. besides one post here that says it's visual studio 6 (not available even on msdn anymore!). It's mentioned elsewhere that this vnc server package has several functionalities cut from it to mainain smallest size possible. Is there any kind of tutorial for it?
I would like to refresh SC and build a new GUI around it in .NET . I also want to give few new functionalities e.g. (synchronising connection destinations online without repeater).
How should I proceed with it if I don't need the full source?
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Re: How sc works

Postby B » 2011-12-11 15:45

I don't know (you could PM Rudi de Vos here) but others have taken a different approach, using the full UltraVNC package (not UltraVNC SC) and picking apart pieces to custom compile SC-style packages. These include ChunkVNC and SCPrompt.
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