SC Vista/7/2008 Session 0 isolation

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SC Vista/7/2008 Session 0 isolation

Postby AJSHG » 2012-04-25 09:24

Hi there,

I spend now the last two days to figure out if SC works on session 0 isolation.

My SC works fine up to this point I come to switch to session 0. The Host PC switch to session 0 and there you have press “back” before I can take over the system again.

The reason I need to use SC is, these are servers and I can’t do any kind of port forwarding or firewall settings on this systems.

This is a need to take over session 0, the program we need to support is running in session 0 (starting as service).

My question now is:

Are there some Parameter to set in helptext.txt or need I to install SC as Service or what else to take over session 0?

I use SC 2011 and UVNC x64 ( tired with version before, the same)

Thanks in advanced

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