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SC Automatically Closing

Postby obidan23 » 2012-06-15 16:35

Hi forum,

I've been using SC since shortly after it was first publicly released. I've been running with the same compiled exe for quite sometime and have used this on many occasions to support family and friends, last time I used it successfully was probably around May this year. My PC is either a Win 7 64bit or a VM of XP, connecting PC's are either XP or Win 7 64.

I've just tried to get a family member to run the copy of SC I have distributed that he has saved on his desktop and as soon as it tries to connect to me the program immediately closes and disappears from the system tray. I am not seeing any connection through my router. I tried the copy I have saved on a personal website on both my Win 7 and XP machines (where I have previously tested successfully before) and the program did the same thing, as soon as I tried to connect it immediately closed. Thinking this could be affected by a Windows update I recompiled a newer version using the SC website. This new version behaved exactly the same and immediately closed.

As a last resort I installed a fresh copy of XP SP2 onto a VM PC with no updates or anything. I tried both the existing version I had on my website and also the newest compiled version (along with a version I had stored in SourceSafe) and they both immediately closed - I'm a little puzzled as to why something I've been using for years now would suddenly stop working, especially when tested on the freshest install of XP SP2 possible - does SC rely on another external website that I am unaware of that could be down at all?

If anyone could shed any light it would be much appreciated!

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Re: SC Automatically Closing

Postby Hb_ » 2012-06-28 06:23

Put a line containing [DEBUG] in the helpdesk.txt file and try again.
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