Starting SC without UAC prompt

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Starting SC without UAC prompt

Postby Hb_ » 2012-06-29 09:40

Currently the help seeking user needs admin rights to start the sc.exe. Reasonable admins won't give this credentials to their users even in small businesses. Alternatives like SCPrompt or ChunkVNC have the same problem.

A way around this is to stay completely in userland. No installation and no UAC elevation are needed. The shipment to the help seeking user in a zip-file is:
  • winvnc.exe from UltraVncSC update 2011
  • SCHook.dll from same packet
  • vnchooks.dll from same packet
  • CallHelper.bat with code as follows
Code: Select all
@REM CallHelper.bat
ECHO off
SET remotehost=helpgivinghostname
REM The files SCHook.dll, vnchooks.dll and winvnc.exe need
REM need to be in the same directory as this batch file.
ECHO Check the connection
PING -n 2 %remotehost% | FINDSTR =
ECHO Establish the connection
START winvnc -connect %remotehost%:5500 -noregistry
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Re: Starting SC without UAC prompt

Postby nicklee81 » 2013-01-30 04:13


Did you try and it work on Windows 7?
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