DIS_UAC not working

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DIS_UAC not working

Postby jrmarques » 2013-08-21 09:56

I am trying to give dis_uac a try but i am incapable of getting it to work. I have tried to insert the line [DIS_UAC] in various places in the helpdesk.txt (begining, after HOSTs and at the end) but when I run the sc.exe created with the online creator tool (UltraVncSC update June 2013) it does not prompt me for previlege escalation. The exe's icon doesn't have the tipical blue and yellow shield. I'm using Win7 64bits.

Any ideas?

If I get this to work and assuming that the user I'm connecting to has admin rights, will I be able to see the UAC prompts once I'm connected and interact with the windows with admin previleges?
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