Switching a remote session to another PC

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Switching a remote session to another PC

Postby Steverino » 2013-11-24 01:19

Is it possible to switch a remote session running on one PC to another PC on the same LAN? For example, if someone outside of my LAN runs SC and connects to my PC, can I switch them to my coworker’s PC so she can help them or vice versa without additional interaction from the remote PC? If that’s not feasible, is it possible for the same remote session to appear concurrently on both my PC and on my coworker’s PC where we can each interact with it and still continue to work on other concurrent remote sessions independently of each other? Would the use of the VNC repeater or reflector help me accomplish this?

I’ve been working alone and UltraVNC SC has been a great tool for helping people remotely but I’ve recently taken on a helper in my shop and it would be really nice if I could let her take over a remote session that is already connected to me. Or, if I could take over a remote session from her. I realize I can add a second connection to the SC client but I already have my single connection SC client on most of my customer’s computers and I also would rather not have to give my customers more choices like which remote connection to click on or have to tell them to end the session and start it again with the other remote connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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