losing control after successful connection. doesn't repsond.

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losing control after successful connection. doesn't repsond.

Postby gstech10 » 2014-06-12 08:06

I am trying to connect two win 7 system with the single click version of uvnc... it seems to connect properly... opened the port 5500 on router and configured the dynamic address.. can even work ..however as soon as I open some dialog pages like system properties under my computer.. I lose control and it doesn't respond to any of my mouse or keyboard clicks..

tried added and removing {Dis_uac] option but didn't made a difference. what could be the reason for losing control after connecting successfully?

anyone facing the same issue or pointers in right direction would be very helpful..

btw.. thanks for making this wonderful program free for everyone.

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Re: losing control after successful connection. doesn't reps

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2014-06-12 14:03

The normal behaviour of UAC is to block all input from non UAC windows.
1) If local user is admin and you add [Dis_uac] then on startup SC modifiy a reg setting to allow admins to run without uac ( put it back on close)
It doesn't work if the local user who started SC isn't a local admin.
2) You can start SC with the runas admin option. Then SC is elevated and you can access other elevated windows...but the local user still need
to press the UAC popup to start the special windows.
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