Unable to connect due to security issues

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Unable to connect due to security issues

Postby KayJ83 » 2015-07-16 07:42


I'm currently trying to install and configure Ultra VNC Single Click. I managed to run VNC SC after creating an ultra vnc ini file (http://blog.jorisvisscher.com/2013/07/0 ... -password/).

If I try to connect via browser (http://<ip>:5805/) I get the following exception: "Certificate has been revoked. The application will not be executed" (See: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/642 ... evoked.png)

To get rid of it the following configuration can be done: "System Preferences / Java / Advanced /" "Perform signed code certificate recovation checks on" = "Do not check".

This is now "solved" and another issue occures: "Application blocked by Java Security" (see: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/642 ... locked.png)

I can get rid of it by: * "System Preferences / Java / Security /" * adding http://<ip>:5805/ as an exception site

Disabling/Circumventing security settings is not the solution I'm looking for. How can I solve both issues?

An addition, which is quite strange: The winvnc.exe certificate is valid until 12.10.2016. If I try to connect, get the error message, click "more information" and "view certificate details", the validity of "uvnc bvba" is set to "18.03.2014". This might cause the issue. I don't get, why the certificate date is different...

My setup: * VNC SC installed on Win7 * trying to connect from Mac 10.10.1, with Java 8

Thanks for your help!
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