List of all command line arguments for SC???

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List of all command line arguments for SC???

Postby whatsyoursteezo » 2016-07-30 19:47

Looking for a complete list of all the command line arguments for the ultra vnc SC program. Here is all I have so far and wondering if there are more options I can set:

winvnc.exe -plugin -connect -noregistry
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Re: List of all command line arguments for SC???

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-07-31 19:31

The SC is a mini version of winvnc, ther are not a lof of command lines.
Let's check the source ... eters.html

-id number
Used with the repeater in mode II. Specifies a number to identify the session. In the -connect parameter use the repeater's name or IP address (and the repeater's port) instead of the remote host name.
-plugin plugin
Use the specified DSM plugin.
Don't store SingleClick DSM settings in the registry. Used in conjunction with the -plugin parameter.
Do not display the UltraVNC icon in the system tray.
-read only
Don't send keyboard and mouse events to the remote computer.
-username username
Use the specified username.
-password password
Use the specified password. ... yntax.html
-connect ip:port Viewer ip and port
-id id : The id used for repeater connection, -connect is in that case the repeater ip port
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