Repeater concurrent users?


Repeater concurrent users?

Postby Guest » 2005-11-18 07:07

Is there a limit on how many users can access a repeater simultaniuos or has it only to do with the hardware and the amount of RAM installed.

We're gonna use SCIII and repetear(with SSL) in our company so I better check this question out, so there's no block in the software or something like that?

Has anybody any expirience on MANY users on a repeater?


Postby Guest » 2005-11-18 07:15

I forgot to add:
I'm using the distributer5.exe with a version

found a FAQ that said 20 concurrent users, but I do not know for which version?


Postby Rudi De Vos » 2005-11-18 08:24

The repeater have 20 wait slots for viewer and server

waiting viewer: max 20
waiting servers:max 20

When a connections is made the viewer and server are removed from
the list.

There is no hard limit set for for simultanious connections.
Rudi De Vos
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