repeater_ssl forgets settings if launched as service


repeater_ssl forgets settings if launched as service

Postby viktor » 2005-12-09 13:44


found a strange thing. i checked it with repeater_ssl and distributer5 also (anyway, which one is the recommended?). If i launch it as app, i can change the settings, and it remembers after a relaunch. fine.

if i install it as service and start it, it forgets the settings and sets itself to default ports etc. If I set it up again and restart, it forgets again.

is there a workaround?

thx and brgds,

Postby redge » 2005-12-10 01:39

you are right, same behavior for my test.

repeater_ssl.exe (same distributer5.exe) installed as service SYSTEM mode

net stop UltraVNC_Repeater (aka repeater_ssl.exe)
delete settings.txt from UltraVNC folder
net start UltraVNC_Repeater
right click on systray UltraVNC repeater ... left click Settings...
modify settings... Save (new settings.txt created to folder UltraVNC)
net start UltraVNC_Repeater
fresh settings.txt saved is ignored and defaults values are back.

sorry, no workaround as my knowledge.
(except to use default port until repeater as SYSTEM mode read and use settings.txt)
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