sometime the IDs get stuck


sometime the IDs get stuck

Postby viktorp » 2006-01-20 09:58

this happens many times differently with distributer5 and the sciii.

sometimes an ID doesnot answer, the sciii connects to the repeater, but the viewer doesnot answer. no error, but simply nothing.

the workaround is to restart sciii with a different ID, and then it works. after some time the stucked id works again, but it takes some time, not minutes, but more.

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Postby redge » 2006-01-23 00:31

known bug fixed to updated repeater but not yet fixed for repeater_ssl
New modified repeater

redge wrote:to do for next of your cool free time of coding.
add this fix to your public repeater_ssl

Rudi De Vos wrote:+first the normal version need to be OK....
Just wait the reports fort a few days (weeks)

+Add the same stuff to ssl

Repeater hangs
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