Tab key in Java client?

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Tab key in Java client?

Postby bikeboy389 » 2007-08-22 18:58

Sorry if this has been asked before--I wasn't able to find anything by searching.

I'm using the Java client, and it's working great, except my desktop doesn't respond to my use of the tab key. Pretty much every other keystroke works as expected, but tab just does nothing.

It's a real pain not to have that, let me tell you.

If it matters, I'm using it on a Mac through Safari.

EDIT: I just realized there's not actually a question there. The question would be: Is this normal, or is there some kind of setting I'm missing? If it's normal, why would anyone want to disable that?
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Re: Tab key in Java client?

Postby redge » 2007-08-22 22:07

unable to use key TAB inside the remote server,
TAB work on javaviewer toolbar

known bug for a long long while but not (yet) solved, sorry.
one day... maybe fixed.
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