Help..Error message 54: Connection reset by peer

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Help..Error message 54: Connection reset by peer

Postby opusp » 2011-04-04 04:01

I have Windows 7 Home Edition../iPad
Have installed VNC client on Win7 system
(X64 version)

I have changed VNC Hostname to:
IP address that VNC client lists..
Added Password..

Am getting Error message
54: Connection reset by peer

Please help !!
Don't know what to do..
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Re: Help..Error message 54: Connection reset by peer

Postby rcooke » 2011-06-22 17:39

You have to use VNC SERVER on the machine you want remote access too - Win 7?

On the iPad you install Mocha VNC lite or other VNC client.

When you run the VNC server Windows should ask you about letting the application through the firewall, you MUST say "yes/ok". If it does not ask you, then you have to either (a) go into control panel and tell it let VNC have access on port 5900, or (b) change the VNC server port to a number that is not usually blocked by Windows Firewall - like 22000.

Hover the mouse over the green eye to see what IP address Windows 7 is on, then use that in the client plus the new port number (if you changed it). And the password. VNC server will not run without a password set, or you can tell it to use Windows user logon.
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