Connection over internet to a workgroup lan

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Connection over internet to a workgroup lan

Postby ganhaoh » 2013-01-03 15:32

I already install the ultravnc 1.1.8 in my two computar, home and work.
In my home I installed de viewer to connect to my work computer over internet. In this case I have a adsl router to connect to internet by dinamyc IP
and I can't change the settings of this router.
In my work computer I installed the server. In my work I have a internal lan with a same range IPs (192.168.20.x), my work computer IP is .
The connection in my work to internet is by adsl router with external fixed IP (ex. So this router have two IPs, an external and an internal
who is the gateway in the lan computers configuration.
My question is: how can I connect to my work computer by my home computer?
I already tried in viewer VNC server field to put and also, but I can't connect.
Any help please?! Thanks.
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Re: Connection over internet to a workgroup lan

Postby nanook » 2013-01-06 23:04

Did you configure the firewall ports? The address that you would be connecting to would be the IP plus the port you opened. You want to communicate via the WAN IP not the LAN IP. If your WAN IP is dynamic and changing you'll have to subscribe to a dns service. There are a couple of free ones. You router your calls using that IP and open port, and the router is told to route that traffic to a specific PC by it's LAN IP. So, if the wan ip was this would be the opened port 5500. It is pretty slow getting questions answered here lately. Best suggestion is to read a lot of other peoples questions. Good luck.
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