Does everything go through Internet servers ?

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Does everything go through Internet servers ?

Postby Sam 100 » 2013-04-03 23:26

'Remote' control software is new to me, so please bear with me:

If I install uVNC on my home network's various computers,
does all of that traffic strictly remain inside of my home network (ie: behind my firewall), or
does everything get relayed through somebody's server(s) on the internet ?? ?
The latter option sounds much less secure.

I am assuming that,
for a home network,
MS Window's 'Remote Desktop' system
would NOT go through any internet servers.
Is that correct ?

On the other hand,
when I called Teamviewer [],
they told me that -
even for a home network -
all of my traffic would go through their servers (somewhere in Europe).
That ain't gonna happen .. .

Thanks for any help .. .
Sam 100
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