Real Basic Help

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Real Basic Help

Postby Owlog » 2014-01-10 16:02

Hi all,

Apologies for this but I can't get past the starting blocks. I've read the posts and I'm even more confused.

I've got an UltraVNC Server (sitting in task bar)
I've got and UltraVNC Viewer (sitting on desktop)

All I want to do is simply remote control other users PCs. So from instructions I'm guessing

A. UltraVNC Server has to be on every machine that needs to be controlled? (True/False)
B. What are the authentication passwords for?
C. What does Add new Client mean?
D. VNC Viewer allows you to control a users PC.
So, how do you do this? It asks for the VNC Server. host::display or host::port - What do these mean.
When I enter an IP address/name of a machine, it asks for user name and password (what do I enter here?).

I think I just need a dummies step by step guide to connect to a users PC and once I'm past that, I think I will be OK.

Much appreciated
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Re: Real Basic Help

Postby Bonji » 2014-01-13 15:54

A. True
B. You must supply a matching password in the viewer to connect to the uVNC server. This password should be defined on the uVNC server.
C. It's for a reverse connection if I'm not mistaken. Instead of the viewer connecting to the server, the server connects to a viewer that is in a listening mode.
D. True

UltraVNC has a lot of features and possible configurations, but I would recommend making the setup as basic as possible for a first-time setup. This means no encryption, no active directory integration, default port, etc. You will have to have the application running as a service for a remote CTRL+ALT+DEL to work, but I would ignore that for now.

Open the "Admin Properties" on the uVNC server (via right-clicking the tray icon)
Ensure "Accept Socket Connections" is checked
Ensure the port is set to 5900 or Auto is selected
Set the "VNC Password" to a value you will remember
Set the "View-Only Password" to a different value you will remember
Ensure "Require MS Logon (User/Pass./Domain)" is unchecked
Ensure "Use :" under DMS Plugin is unchecked
Ensure "Display Query Window" is unchecked (this just keeps things simple for now)

With this configuration, you should be able to connect a VNC viewer to the local uVNC server with only a password prompt being required.

Of course, the local firewall cannot be blocking TCP 5900.
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