Help needed- with few question

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Help needed- with few question

Postby braldee » 2014-11-21 00:09

I have looked around for other answers to my question on this forum but I still cannot have the specific answers I need or I must not be looking at the right places.

1. I have a linksys smart router and i dont know how i can access multiple computers after opening the port 5900 with my public ip.
i have to manually change the (local) IP on the port range forwarding for each computer.
i dont know what to do so i would nto have to switch the ip on my smart linksys settings.
is there a way i can just open 5900 for all the IP of the computers? it would not let me because 5900 is used on the first entry. it cant be repeated .i must be doing something wrong. sorry, i am new and have no clue what to do...

2. How can i make the speed faster? is autoscalling making htings slow? or should i opt to pick ULTRA each time to maximize speed?

3. is there a way to make the user not know i am accessing? aside from removing the display icon?

4. Can the displya i con return? i wouldnt see admin properties on the taskbar after disabling it... should i got to (Edit Settings) for the viewer and again uncheck the disable tray icon to bring it back after restarting the computer?

5. removing the wallpaper while viewing, will that speed the access or it wouldnt make much difference? i wouldnt wat to do this if it wont make any difference for i wouldnt want the person to know something changed (wallpaper) and can think i am remotely accessing it.

6. Is there a workaround in windows 7 locking when i am trying to shutdown the computer for someone? what does it mean when the "lock" feature appears when i try to shut down the computer i am accessing?

7. one of the computer iam accessing shows that it has two IP local addresses when i put the mouse on the tray icon on the task bar. why does it have two IP address. for example -

hope some of you would not mind helping me out. i am not familliar and im just earning the basics. thank you so much :D
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Re: Help needed- with few question

Postby Bonji » 2014-11-24 18:50

1) You can only map a single port outside to a single port inside. There are software solutions that can allow what you want (namely a repeater), so you can look there if interested.
The simple solution is to open up more ports on your router.
publicIP:5900 -> privateIP1:5900, publicIP:5901 -> privateIP2:5900, publicIP:5902 -> privateIP3:5900
publicIP:5900 -> privateIP1:5900, publicIP:5901 -> privateIP2:5901, publicIP:5902 -> privateIP3:5902

2) If my understanding of autoscaling is correct, it only affects what you see on the viewer side and does not affect what the server sends. As a result, it has ZERO effect on the performance.
The different encodings work better under different network conditions. Tight is my favorite to use as a general purpose encoder, as it is the best in lower bandwidth applications. Sometimes I'll use Ultra or ZlibHex over a connection with LAN speeds (10+ Mbps). You should read up on each encoder option to understand which is best for your needs. I also use 8 dark colors which substantially reduces the amount of data the server needs to send the client. It obviously doesn't look as good, but it doesn't render the display unusable which is a problem for any color setting that is lower. Just tinker around with all the settings and see what works best in your environment.

3) Remove the display icon or set both icon files the same.

4) I don't understand what you are saying on this one. If you set it be hidden, just change the UltraVNC.ini file to show it again.

5) If the background is a full color image file, it will be faster to hide it. I don't bother with that and just set my viewer to 8 dark colors so it's fast no matter what while still being able to make out everything I need to.

6) Again, I don't understand this. What lock feature are you talking about?

7) That computer has multiple network interfaces that each have an IP address. From a command prompt, run "ipconfig" to see all interfaces and associated IP addresses.
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