No Logon on Windows 7

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No Logon on Windows 7

Postby badboy96 » 2014-11-30 21:41

I have a Problem. I installed on two Windows7 PC the new Version of UltraVNC,
When on one of the PC*s a person is logon, I can start a session with UltraVNC.
When on the PC nobody is logon, I can not start a session with Ultravnc, why ?
What should I set so that I can connect via remote maintenance with the pc if no one is logged ?

PS: Sorry for my English, I am from Germany and my English is not so good.
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Re: No Logon on Windows 7

Postby Bonji » 2014-12-02 14:20

Is UltraVNC installed as a service? That's the only way to connect when no local users are logged on.
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