Username or PW incorrect

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Username or PW incorrect

Postby DavidCBzz » 2016-05-05 23:21


Maybe someone can point me in the right direction

Keep getting username or PW incorrect message when attempting to connect via viewer.

This is what I have, running the latest version

All firewall and Virus protection OFF

4 computers all connected to a hub, IP address as are - /

Have Server and Viewer installed on all 4 computers, installed app first on, think this may have something to do with issue.

Passwords are set the same on all servers

I can connect to the computer from the other 3 computers viewer

I CAN NOT connect to any other computers from any viewer even from - continue to get username or password provided is incorrect.

I'm not sure what is happening here BUT I think it may have to do with the fact that all the computers are on the same LAN, and that somehow, the "server applications" on the 3 other computers are interfering with the connection.

I've applied some of the solution provided on the forum with out success , copy the vnc.ini file to the other computer, manually set the port to another number, and use MS-Logon to no avail.

Would like to give this app a shot, looks cool, I'm a bit of a novice at this stuff, so a million thanks in advance.

Edit: Running Win 7

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Re: Username or PW incorrect

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-05-07 08:10

On the same LAN: exclude this one as possible cause, you can run vnc on all pc's without any interfering.
The password issue can happen when you are unable to save the ini file.
Default, winvnc is installed in "program files" , this is a secure folder and only a elevated admin has access to write stuff.
To exlude writing issue's use a usb stick; if you don't have a usb stick you also can copy to the dekstop.

If you installed it as service, temp disable the service ( cmd# net stop uvnc_service)
Because we want to run it manual from the usb stick.

Verify if no other winvnc is running. We already had issue's with people running multiple versions of winvnc on the same pc.
Make sure that when your winvnc.exe is not runnning, the viewer fail the connect and don't give a wrong password.

vnc is portable:
Copy winvnc.exe ultravnc.ini to a usb stick, use the server from as you know that works.
Only copy the exe and the ini, all other files are optional. The ultravnc.ini file contain all server, including password

put the usb in, and run winvnc.exe from the usb stick
This was working, so it still should
put the usb in, and run winvnc.exe from the usb stick
Try to connect from another pc and when that not works try to run the viewer on the same pc ( loopback mode) and connect to localhost.
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