VNC without public IP

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VNC without public IP

Postby iieeann » 2017-03-21 02:04


I have been using VNC for years. Recently i moved to a place without fixed line service, the only option i have is LTE. There are 3 locations i move around, all with LTE connection only. No public IP. I have DDNS account but all won't work with mobile connection now.

Is there a way to VNC between PCs in these 3 locations? I have Synology NAS at 3 locations and i can access them through Quickconnect, so i wonder if there is a similar way to connect to PC too.

The only option to get Public IP is applying for M2M, but that only opened to business owner (Im not), plus M2M is expensive with tonnes of restriction i.e. no whatsapp, youtube, skype, fb, tweeters, bla bla...
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