Port Forwarding

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Port Forwarding

Postby atim1174 » 2019-11-07 05:08

Hi, I have several devices out in the field running remotely.
I am wanting to port forward through the router to the end devices which VNC server is on.
I can do it easily on my router a CM685V-W and V-6 series by comset using incoming port (source port) to router as :5900 and using destination IP address of equip with port number assigned.

I am trying to connect devices simultaneously for live view/operation.

I go to connect a second item (different IP and mac address to first) and cannot use :5900 incoming port (source port) as already in use and tried others such as 5901/5905 and so on without any success.

Any ideas as we have alot of equip in field using vnc.

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Re: Port Forwarding

Postby kissson » 2019-11-16 13:04

you need to know the port listening for your vnc server, external port doesn't matter, you can use whatever

assume vnc both listening on 5900 by default, the internal pc1, pc2 ip address
the external is your router or firewall interface, then configure the port mapping


netstat -aon
or the admin page of uvnc to know which port is listening

hope that it will help
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