Ctrl-R – what happens? Why locks Ctrl ley?

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Ctrl-R – what happens? Why locks Ctrl ley?

Postby Peter0 » 2020-04-12 01:12

Hello there,

I'm using TurboVNC on a Linux Mint machine and connecting to a UltraVNC server on a Windows 10 machine. On that machine there I got a Git Bash window. When trying to type a command on that Bash window, I want to type Ctrl-R to do Bash’s reverse-i-search. The Bash responds as usual – i.e. it receives Ctrl-R. But from then on, it seems as in my complete VNC session there is something like a Ctrl-key-lock active. I have to fiddle around with TurboVnc’s "Ctrl"-button to release the Ctrl-lock.

I don’t know whether it’s problem with UltraVNC or TurboVNC. In the first instance, I thought it is a TurboVNC problem, therefore I initially asked a question similar to this under https://github.com/TurboVNC/turbovnc/issues/216 .

How to release Ctrl-lock by keyboard? What can I do to send Ctrl-R without described side effect?
Somewhere at the forum, there is a link to a UltraVNC documentation website, but I receive a 404 – https://www.uvnc.com/onlinehelp/index.html

Thanks for any hints – Peter

TurboVNC v2.2.4
UltraVNC Server
I installed UltraVNC according to https://turbovnc.org/Documentation/UltraVNC
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