Query windows timemout and UAC / trying to reconnect

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Query windows timemout and UAC / trying to reconnect

Postby Sander02 » 2018-07-09 15:56


We run VNC server in service mode and set the display query windows to 10 secs, so that users can click accept and otherwise we can still do a remote session.

This works fine in windows 7, but it became unworkable with windows 10. This 10 sec delay is also active when running something as an admin, the users have to accept again and
what then happens is that the connection dropped, trying to reconnect and this takes the same 10 sec wait. Users often have to accept like 3 times when I need something to do as an admin. And if they user is gone,
I have to wait 3 times 10 sec. I allready changed it for some users to 5 sec, but we don't want to disable it completle. We like the user to accept it.

When I disable the query windows, it all works fine.

Is it possible to set a different timeout setting for the query window and uac pompt or reconnect?
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