New user - Can't get a connection working over LAN Windows10

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New user - Can't get a connection working over LAN Windows10

Postby jross23 » 2020-03-26 17:21


I am installing UVNC during the Pandemic as there is specific software on an office machine that won't launch through regular windows RDP and I have been told it will work through UVNC. I am ok with PC setup but not very versed at routers/ports/firewalls or windows authentication/groups. I am getting an authentication error when trying to connect to the machine to be controlled, so hoping someone can help me through sorting it out. Here are some details:

-I have the server installed on the machine to be controlled and the viewer installed on the machine to control it.
-This is happening over a LAN between two machines, but the viewing machine is also being remote-controlled through windows RDP.
-The plan is that I would Windows RDP from home to the company LAN through the firewall, then UVNC to the machine to be controlled, launch the software that needs to be launched "locally" then disconnect UVNC and my windows RDP connection to my own PC, then I windows RDP into the previously-UVNC-controlled machine to use the now-launched software. A bit convoluted, but this is how it has been explained as working to get around the no-remote-use limitation of the program. The program is old and no longer supported so there is no upgrading of license to be able to remote-use etc. and the vendors themselves suggested the UVNC approach
-When I installed the server software on the machine to be controlled I did open the admin properties and set a new password, that was the only setting I changed
-I have made sure the service has started on the machine to be controlled, and when i launch the viewer and put in the IP address I move on to the authentication window, but entering the password I put into the host & client PCs I get "Authentication Rejected", so I think the two installations of UVNC are talking to each other OK, but something in the authentication settings are off, do I have to have the client PC's username/windows password entered somewhere in the server setup as well?
-I notice that when I re-open the server admin properties the password seems changed back to the default and not the one I entered and hit "apply" on, I have read some other posts here about this same behaviour but have not read an answer. Anyone know why the password is not sticking, that would be the likely culprit for authentication errors...

Video tutorials on setup online seem to just enter the machine's IP and UVNC password and they're in, so not sure what i am missing. Also many of the online tutorials are for older versions of windows/UVNC so not always clear how things have changed, so I have cone here.

Any help getting this going would be very appreciated, at this point the only way to use the software we need to be using is to physically drive to the office just to launch the program, then i can go home and remote-use it, but if it ever crashes I have to drive back to the office to relaunch. What a headache, and not all that socially safe/considerate in the age of Covid-19....

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Re: New user - Can't get a connection working over LAN Windo

Postby wojtek » 2020-03-31 16:08

Run Ultra VNC Server Settings as Administrator. After you change password restart uvnc_service.
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