Automatic Silent Server Installation

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Automatic Silent Server Installation

Postby mgerber » 2016-09-05 11:37


I've tried all possible means, but in the end, it just doesn't work.

I want to silently install the software as specified in the title. But I also want it to not ask to reboot if I reinstall the software.
The /no restart switch obviously doesn't want to work.

The thing is, I want to reinstall the software if I make some changes in my package.
It always asks for reboot whatever switch I specify.
Thus not returning to my batch. My batch also copies the config file and imports domain ACL's.

I even tried to uninstall it first, but it's not working either.
It still asks for restarting the computer after installing the version again.

What are my options here?
Obviously, this is going to be fully automated, and nothing should stop the automatic process.

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