Issue downloading new version

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Issue downloading new version

Postby vangrunz » 2016-09-12 17:17


I'm not a new UltraVNC user. I'm using it for years now, and I want to thank all programmers for their work!

Although, the new download page doesn't make it easy for getting an actual version. First of all, it needs JavaScript. That's not a big deal. But second, it complains about activated Ad Blockers if it's enabled -- and even refuses to show the main page. Instead, I see a black screen with the message to disable my blockers.
No -- I won't, I'm sorry -- and here comes my explanation why:

As far as you know, most malware comes across advertising networks, and user tracking is also done over domain borders with those networks. So, to protect my machines from infection and my privacy, too, an Adblocker is essential for security reasons. Not only I do have an Adblocker, no -- also, there's a general Block list enabled. That makes it difficult to allow advertising for one site only.

Additionally, commerce never was a good funding model. If you need money, I'll go buying a PaySafe Card and donate you the code.

I know that my attitude can lead me to exclusion. But actually, there're too much hurdles in the download process, and that's why I'm writing here. I want to let you know that you've exaggeratet it a bit. ;) Why don't you include referer, too (which is also blocked by me as default)?

Please don't take it personal. I love the program, but I refuse to cooperate with advertising.

Kind regards,

van Grunz
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Re: Issue downloading new version

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-09-12 20:32

When only a few people used a adblocked it wasn't a big deal, and i understand that in certain cases you want to block ads.
But now, it's almost 35%. Button on -> 35% more income.
Like browsers have the easy add block button, the servers now also have an easy anti-ad-block button.

After an update, i get more traffic from download site direct to the exe, then actual people visiting the pages.
We needed todo something, and bundling software isn't an option for a software like vnc.

Links from forum are direct links. Releases are always online via the forum before announcing on the webpages.
It's after a few weeks that they are replaced by web links.

Perhaps we can add on the blocking page...
Code: Select all
If you realy can't disable the blocker for this website, mail to request it as mail attachement.
This is a manual intervention and can take some time
Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Re: Issue downloading new version

Postby vangrunz » 2016-09-12 20:53

I know that there's an Ad Fight out there, as well as on the side of the Advertisers as well as those whom are trying to block them. At least, there're howlers like "if you don't disable your Ad Blockers, we won't let you on our side", and this is what UltraVNC is going to. That's a terrible development. Such behaviour is only known from untrustworthy sites such as

Everyone is fighting for money, and our current capitalism won't make it easy to offer free things, including software. My offer is to support UltraVNC via PaySafe Card -- that's all I can do so far, because I don't have any credit card or PayPal (and I don't want to have it, either).

I've managed it to download the actual version of UltraVNC via There, I can get it without disabling my adblockers (I'm supporting with a subscription of one of their magazines, paying each year €122,20).

I know your situation, but keeping people with Adblockers outside won't solve it. My prediction is that people with Adblockers will increase, rather than decrease. In my opinion, all about the advertisement business isn't clean at all, so there must be another model of how serious projects like this can get money. But I don't know how, actually. :-(
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Re: Issue downloading new version

Postby therendeen » 2017-12-13 16:43

I have to agree with the previous complaint, Ads are dangerous, period.
But on a more practical note, you need to review the ads that are being put on your web site and how they affect your content, When the largest download link is bogus or other than your intended link, your page is broken; I do not want to download "driverIdentifier" when I'm on your site, I want "uvnc". Scrolling around and hovering over links is a waste of my time and makes me question the value of your product.
Have you tried downloading using a vanilla installation of "Firefox" with no ad-ons? Can't do it, no java support, and no ad-on from mozilla. I am back to using IE to successfully download.
I don't mind donating via paypal, please keep the site clean and usable
Thank you
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